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    Indonesia is the largest archipleago country in the world. In view of the great diversity of Indonesia's physical and cultural make-up, a careful selection of the subjects of interest is recommended, as well for photography tours or photo project. Our team is native Indonesia, a resposible travel pioneers offers sustainable travel and high quality ethical tour photography in Indonesia.

    We are able to arrange / to guide photography tours in the most part of Indonesia, through the new route or via the well known classic routes, as favorite tracks by many travellers around the world. Photo Tours Indonesia is great option to add more your valuable overseas stock photo and images. Enjoy our 18 pictures of Indonesia in our gallery!

  • What We Can Do

    Photo Tours Package

    We can do tour packages or plan the trips around your own inquiries to the large part of Indonesia, easy and moderate trip for photography enthusiasts both amateur or professional, individual or small group.

    Photo Tours Guide & Fixer

    We provide more information and advise about photo tours in Indonesia, lead the photo trips base on your program or assist your photo project in Indonesia with very reasonable guide / fixer fee.

    Tours Arrangement

    We welcome all guests, but to get the most out of your experience, we ask that you prearrange your tour reservation in advance. We normally ask that you contact us at least 30 days in advance of a planned tour.

    Adventure & Special Interest Tour

    Few of our team is only focus on adventure trip or speacial interest tours such as mountain climbing (volcano tours) expedition or to explore our beautiful national parks. Feel free to contact us.

  • Term and Condition

    Reservation Policy
    In order to confirm a booking, clients are required to pay via bank transfer USD 30% of total amount or more (in case domestic flight ticket needed) for the requested services (or the half amount of the booking if the total comes to less than $ 1000). The balance will be required at least 21 days prior to your date of arrival. The full amount of the payment will collect on first day of your arrival in Indonesia.

    Cancellation Policy
    Should you be required to cancel your booking within 7 days (of your arrival) for any reason, your deposit/payment may be forfeited. If the cancellation occurs over 14 days, we will applied 50% cancellation fee of total deposit.

    We have set up an account with PayPal, a secure online way of paying with your credit cards, Visa or Master Card.

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    For further information, program detail, questions or inquiry please feel free to contact us, we always aim to response within 24 hours.
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  • About Indonesia

    Strung out along more than 3,000 miles of the Equator, between Asia and Australia, Indonesia's 17.000 islands make up the largest and most varied archipelago on earth. From freezing glaciers to coral reefs, orangutan to Komodo dragons, the sheer diversity of landscape and life defies imagination. The volcanoes in Indonesia are among the most active of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

    Located along ancient trading routes between the Far East and the Middle East, resulting in many cultural practices being strongly influenced by a multitude of religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam and Christianity, all strong in the major trading cities. The result is a complex cultural mixture very different from the original indigenous cultures.

    Flanked by the tepid equatorial waters of two of the world's great oceans, the land rises from the darkest depths of some of the world's deepest oceans through to the towering peaks of the volcanoes and the realm of perennial snow of the Jayawijaya mountain range in Irian Jaya. It seems natural that the migratory waves of peoples from the Asian mainland in search of new dwellings began millennia ago. They found these islands a most ideal place to settle down.

  • About Us

    We are Indonesia photo tours operator, fixer and photo tours guide based in Bali, central of Indonesia. We can do package or plan the trips around your own inquiries, adventure or special interest photo tours both individual or small group. Whether pro or amateur we tailor make the tour that suits your needs.

    We are experienced regular or photo tour guides, have assisted many photography enthusiasts from various countries, such as Germany, Austria, Australia, England, USA, Canada, Kuwait etc. Packages tour or photo project, both amateur or professional such as award winning photographers: Shamil Tanna ( Luke Duggleby (, Dennis Cox (, Porter Yates (, Wai Him William-Hau ARPS (The Royal Photographic Society), Maximus Film GmbH München (

    We are native Indonesia, resposible travel pioneers offers sustainable travel and high quality ethical photography tours in Indonesia. Fan Page on Facebook "Photo Tours Indonesia" - Twitter @ToursIndonesia Pinterest : "Raimaster"

  • General Info

    Visa and Passport:
    Visas are not required for nationals of Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam; nationals from these countries will receive an arrival permit valid for 30 days. In 2004, the tourist visa regulations became more restrictive for nationals of Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Some visitors must now purchase a visa on arrival, with visas available for periods of 10 or 30 days. Note that visitors who obtain a visa on arrival cannot extend their stay.

    Visitors entering the country can bring in a maximum of two litres of alcoholic beverages; 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco; and a reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use. Photographic equipment and laptops must be declared. Many items are banned including: narcotics, firearms and ammunition, TVs, radios, tape recorders, pornography, fresh fruit, printed materials in Chinese and Chinese medicine. All films, video tapes and DVDs must be deposited for review by the Film Censor Board. Import or export of Indonesia currency exceeding Rp50,000 is also prohibited.

    Currency & Exchange:
    The unit of currency is the Indonesia rupiah (IDR), commonly abbreviated as Rp. The largest banknote is Rp100,000, roughly equivalent to US$10. Bills also come in Rp50,000, Rp20,000, Rp10,000, Rp5,000 and Rp1,000. Aluminum coins are available in denominations of Rp500, Rp200, Rp100, Rp50 and Rp25. Older versions made of metal are still in use as well. US dollars are also accepted for large purchases and hotel stays. The best places to exchange currency are banks and money exchangers, which can easily be found on Java, Bali and Lombok. However, if you plan to travel elsewhere, be sure you change money ahead of time. US dollars are the easiest the change and should not be dated from before 1999 or dirty, wrinkled, stained or torn. Higher exchange rates are offered for bills issued after 2000.

    Although no vaccines are required for travel to Indonesia, visitors are advised to update vaccinations against cholera, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and Japanese encephalitis before travel. Other diseases that are present in the country are malaria, schistosomiasis (found in fresh water), dengue fever, toxoplasmosis, HIV, and tuberculosis. Diseases that can be acquired from monkey bites include rabies and herpes B, so you should be wary of feeding these animals. Large cities suffer from air pollution and it is wise to wear a mask if you have asthma. Wearing mosquito repellent and long pants and shirts will help to keep you protected from getting diseases like malaria and dengue fever. If you will be out in the wilderness, then it is wise to take an anti-malarial drug.

    Bahasa Indonesia is the national language however English is spoken in all tourist areas. Some Dutch and French are also spoken in the big cities. Altogether, around 583 languages and dialects are spoken in Indonesia, including those of the many ethnic groups of the nation. Some of these include: Acehnese, Batak, Sundanese, Javanese, Toraja, Buginese, Ceramese, and several Irianese languages. These languages are further subdivided into dialects. Greetings in Indonesia are typically formal with the handshake being the most common greeting along with the word "selamat". After shaking hands with someone, it is normal to bow slightly or place your hands on your heart. When introducing people, it is best to introduce the eldest first and to use titles if you know them. Many Indonesians only have one name, which can be very long, so they commonly use a nickname.

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